A good day from Franken !


Do you know about the possible cost reductions in insurance system of your enterprise at simultaneous minimum of risks? 

We could inform you about it!

Before continue reading you surely would like to get some information about our firm.

We settled down near Frankfurt as an independent insurance broker and presently trade a fire insurance sum of about We are free of any outside profession influences and are working exclusively in the interest of our clients. As one of the few German „technical insurance brokers“, we can offer you the following, specialized highly trained workmanship:

Preparing about analysis of insurance and risk with rating
Risk-management with expertise
Spontaneous or short-term solutions of risk-situations
Development of orientated need of insurance cover at real market premium
Global accompaniment of your insurance cover, also active at the pit-face
Yearly indexes of AfA-values (including trivial assets) free of cost
Own calculations of premium and preparation of the technical insurance documents
Own settlement with the insurer and our clients
Observation of the insurance market and of the changing legal basis
Supporting at damages, damage management at large-scale damages
Plans of insurance cover for occupation and enterprises

We are the genuine partners considering the safety of your enterprise. Apply to us and we also will solve your insurance problems - surely. 

Since more than 25 years it is not for nothing said by clients and insurers 

insured at Römlein = correctly insured