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What we are achieving for our clients and what does it cost.

Placing of insurances, the typical action of an insurance broker, is today in fact an important but neither the only nor the most important aspect of the action of an qualified broker.

From the numerous services which the broker offers its clients there only can be mentionned a few characteristic services:

The analysis of risks is mostly the beginning of the cooperation. Hereby the broker is checking, considering all individual circumstances, against which risks provisions have to be made and wether an insurance is advisable in any case. The main objective of the analysis is to secure that it is not too much but also not too little insured.

The contract forming is a typical service of the insurance broker. Wherever it is possible, the qualified broker will have an influence on the contents of the polices. In the same way he will arrange risk- and marketorientated premium.

Placing of contracts is, as noted, an important task of the insurance broker. As he is not bound by contract to definite insurers, he will under circumstances place the various risks at various insurers - namely where there is according to his expertise a convenient proportion for price and benefit and where there is expected a smoothly settlement of contract.

The care by the insurance broker relieves the client extensively from time-consuming transactions and outsourcing. His special attention applies to the current adjustment of the insurance cover of altered risk- and marketrelations. Beyond it he is adviser for all questions concerning internal and private risks.

The settlement of damages is a further important service of the qualified insurance broker. He negotiates with the insurer, looks for experts and settles from the damage to compensation within the limits of the insurance contracts which exist through him.

The know-how of the qualified insurance broker is his greatest asset. It is the guarantee for the client that his insurance cover is always up to date. Because the need of insurance and the offer of the market are always changing. The insurance broker is observing both. That means particular benefits in the national and international business. According to his connections to the international markets he also can help at border-crossing insurance problems within the limits of the insurance contracts which exist through him and can insure these.

The expenses for the services which the insurance broker achieves are satisfied according to habitual right with the paid provision by the insurance company. Therefore no other costs are arising by cooperation with a correct insurance broker. The insurance broker can still maintain his independence from the insurer. Even they know to appreciate it that he relieves work and with it costs.