We offer professional highly qualified services to our clients:

Preparing about analysis of insurance and risk with rating
Risk-management with expertise
Insurance technical consultation at new or altered buildings
Spontaneous or short-term solutions of risk-situations
Development of orientated need of insurance cover at real market premium
Yearly indexes of depreciation-values free of cost
Own calculations of premium and preparation of the technical insurance documents
Own settlement with the insurer and our clients
Observation of the insurance market and of the changing legal basis
Supporting at damages, damage management at large-scale damages
Insurance cover – plans for occupation and kind of business

Requirements for our optimal care of clients are the Risk Management, which we carry out ourselves or with the help of known institutions at home and abroad. Our Herbert Römlein is working since more than 25 years together with worldwide acting, solvent, insurers, brokers and commissioners of damage. 

We arrange and manage insurances of industry and business, transact insurance deals of all kind with professional competence, readiness to help and individuality. 

The professional handling and optimising of insurance contracts belong to our tasks just as the development of new, justified need of insurance products. 

We have developed plans of coverage that we place to the local and international insurance market. 

Care of natural and legal persons of all insurance affairs belongs to the perfection management target. It also counts that we stand by our clients with advice and action in cases of damages.