Business card
according to § 11 insurance broking regulation („VersVermV“)

Name and address:

Römlein Versicherungsmakler GmbH,
General manager: Mr. Herbert Römlein
Bergstrasse 12, 63937 Weilbach
Phone: 0049 ( 0 ) 9373 99930
Fax:     0049 ( 0 ) 9373 3144

Registered office: Weilbach, Germany
Register court: RG Aschaffenburg, HRB 5694

Trade ID: DE165843793

Authorisation / Registration:

Accredited as insurance broker according to § 34 d (1) GewO and registered with number D-TOFJ-B48GU-29 in the register of brokers at the ”IHK- chamber of industry and commerce”, Kerschensteiner Str. 9, 63741 Aschaffenburg/Germany (Phone 0049-(0)6021-88 00/Fax 0049-(0)6021-880 22 000/e-mail:
Clients and interested persons can check the registration on
This register is kept by “Deutscher Industrie- und Handelstag e.V.” (, Breite Str. 29, 10178 Berlin/Germany, Phone 0049-(0)
180-600 5850, Fax 0049-(0)30-20 30 8 1000.


Our company does not hold any direct or indirect shares of more than 10 % of the votes or the capital funds on an insurance company. In the same way no insurance company holds any direct or indirect shares on our company or our assets respectively.

Ombudsman / Arbitration boards (Settlement of disputes out of court according to § 42k WG):

By “Versicherungsombudsmann e.V.“,, P.O. Box 08 06 22, 10006 Berlin/Germany. Phone 01804 22 44 24 (0,20 € per call on the German landline), Fax 01804 22 44 25 (0,20 € per connection on the German landline). E-mail: Please also see

For private health and nursing care insurance:; Leipziger Str. 104, 10177 Berlin/Germany. Phone 01802-55 04 44 (0,06 € per call on the German landline), Fax 0049-(0)30-20 45 89 31.

Controlling institution:

Federal institution of financial services (“BAFin”),, Graurheindorfer Str. 108, 53117 Bonn/Germany.

Data security  

Information on the insurance broking regulation (“VersVermV”)

New rules for insurance brokers
The EU directive for insurance intermediaries domiciled in Germany from 2003 was put into practice with effect from May 22, 2007 aspiring a better consumer protection. This mainly means a considerably higher administration effort for us and our clients.

Obligation to authorisation
On principle each professional insurance broking or consulting service is subject to an authorisation now. In doing so there is clearly differentiated between various types of insurance intermediaries, especially between insurance brokers being independent of insurance companies and insurance agents bound to them. Only those who fulfil certain qualifications obtain the authorisation and are registered in the new register of brokers centrally managed by the chambers of industry and commerce.

Condition precedent for registration
For the authorisation you have to prove personal reliability and well-established financial circumstances. But also a proof of competence is essential for which an examination at the chamber of commerce must be passed. This (minimum) qualification comes up to the training as insurance expert (“Versicherungsfachmann”). Equivalent are the graduations as insurance salesman, Bachelor Professional of Insurance or Master of Business Administration.
The graduations passed at an university or an university of cooperative education can also be approved, if you can prove a professional experience of at least three years in insurance broking. A professional indemnity insurance is necessary with a minimum sum insured of 1.000.000 Euro for each insurance case and 1.500.000 Euro for all insurance cases within one year. We have been up to these standards already for many years.

Insurance agents bound to an insurance company do not need any authorisation. This calls for the insurance companies, the agent is exclusively working for, to assume the liability for him.
The registration, however, ist also necessary for this group of agents.

Arbitration board
In the interest of the consumer protection an arbitration board was set up for disputes between the intermediary and the client. This authority has been existing for quite some time now by the so-called ombudsmen for disputes between the insurer and the insured. Now, this is also the contact point for the out-of-court settlement of complaints against the intermediary.

Duty to furnish information
The insurance broker has to hand out to the client certain information already with the first business contact. For this a business card is mandatory (please see above: Business card).

Obligation to consulting service
For the first time there is existing an obligation to consulting services required by law. Disregarding this obligation can result in claims for damages which are newly regulated, too. In each counselling interview the broker has to find out by asking explicitly the needs and wants of the client and to give reasons for his advice. So, the legislator has only given explicit and formal rules to the consulting process already existing.

Documentation required
The broker has to document the consulting service having regard to the complexity of the offered insurance contract. He has to take down the contents of the consultation. This record must be handed out to the client before the conclusion of the contract. The resulting administration effort is particularly noticeable, not only in our office, but also at our clients’ companies.

Safeguard of the clients’ payment transactions
Finally, there are new rules protecting the client, if the broker, as it is largely usual, is collecting the insurance premium and effecting the payment of damages. In this case the broker has to provide security or he has contracted an appropriate fidelity insurance.
However, this does not apply if the client is already protected against loss by the fact, that the insurer has authorised the broker to accept payments from the insured. The prior and the latter are part of our usual way of doing business.